Amanda Hamilton Weight Loss Program

amanda hamilton diet weight loss program

Amanda Hamilton offers an alternative to supplement based weight loss – a personalized diet plan suited to your body and to your metabolic rate. She promises loss of up to 5 pounds in the first week with the dieting so enjoyable as never before.

Amanda’s weight loss program is more than just that – it is a 24/7 online community offering support and inspiration, making weight loss a team effort, rather than miserable solitary dieting!

It is natural and emphasizes a friendly supported approach to put the fun back into dieting!

It’s easy to join the program at affordable prices and definitely worth a try.

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Feeling good and looking good begins with good nutrition

The importance of good nutrition cannot be overstated when it comes to maintaining your health and keeping your weight within a healthy range. Poor diet contributes to some of the leading causes of death — such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes – and can certainly be implicated in cases of life-shortening obesity.
But good nutrition is just one cornerstone of good health. It needs to be supported by a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise.

Even if you have genetic predisposition to certain diseases (they appear in your family history), you can prevent them from striking with healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle.

Weight Loss With Benefits :: Weight Loss Program by Amanda Hamilton

Weight loss program with benefits – Click to see a video

While it is certainly worth the effort to watch what, when, and how much you eat, the constant monitoring can get tiresome. You have to be mindful of balancing carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and seeing that you eat a variety of different foods to get the vitamins, minerals and other substances you need. And you have to discipline yourself to eating neither too much nor too little of any food or nutrient.

A personal approach to weight loss

One size does not fit all when it comes to diet management. What a 6ft tall man needs to eat to lose weight is probably quite different from what a 5ft tall woman should eat. That is why Amanda’s portion sizes are specifically tailored to suit your body, to ensure that you stay in your optimal fat burning zone.
Your favorite food, whatever it may be, is probably available in a delicious healthy version in Amanda’s huge recipe collection. If not, you can request that Amanda’s team develop one. You will not feel deprived or hungry with this program.

How The Program Works :: Weight Loss Program by Amanda Hamilton

Nor will you feel as a cruel trainer is standing over you. The menu planner has a “drag and drop” function that gives you the option to easily change the weekly menu to something you might like better.

Since body types vary widely, portion sizes are tailored to suit your body specifically and to keep you in your ideal fat-burning zone without hunger cravings.

Three easy steps to a healthier you

  • 1. Kick-start Phase (Detox)

Your first five days on the program is the detox, or cleanse, phase. You can expect an average weight loss during this phase of 1-3 lbs as toxins are removed from your body. You’ll get three meals and two snacks, each with tasty, easy-to-make recipes. Also, you can access inspirational motivation through daily videos and articles.

  • 2. Reshape Phase

In this phase you get a reshape plan created for your exact body type.

  • Personalized menu plans, easy recipes, convenient shopping lists
  • Personalized progress reports each week
  • Personal dashboard to help you track your progress and stay motivated
  • 3. Healthy Me Phase

Hooray! You’ve reached your goal weight. Now the maintenance phase begins and, with Amanda’s help, you’ll keep those lost pounds lost.

  • Your menus are updated to maintain the body you want
  • You get support and inspiration from Amanda’s expert team and from other members like you.
  • Community support through webinars will help keep you on track.
  • You will also find fun and support in the daily community area where you can share your experiences, questions and ideas

3 Phase Weight Loss :: Weight Loss Program by Amanda Hamilton

about Amanda Hamilton

Here’s what you get when you join the community:

  • Your personal dashboard

– so you can track your progress

  • ‘Drag and drop’ meal planner

– you will be able to adapt your menu to fit your needs and preferences.

  • Unique database of healthy and delicious recipes based on all your favorite foods

– get in shape easily, without hunger and deprivation

  • Portion sizes created to fit your body
  • Access to community area and interactive webinars

– listen to others’ experiences, ask a question or share your ideas.

  • Weekly email messages to help you stay inspired
  • A large library of articles and videos from our experts

– a lot of the information about cooking, dieting and workouts important for successful weight loss.


How to join the program?

There are three Economical Ways to Take Advantage of the Amanda Hamilton Program

Get the personalized nutrition and health guidance of this program with your choice of three plans. The average monthly cost is less than what you would pay for membership in a full-service gym. And each plan includes Cellulite Solutions eGuide – free.

  • Monthly Pass

– Go through the Detox Phase and begin the Reshape Phase. There is a small sign-up fee in addition to the monthly fee.

    • 90 Day Goal Weight

    – Get well into the Reshape Phase. If you reach your weight goal, you’ll have a head start on Healthy-Me maintenance. No sign-up fee.

    • 6 Month Value Plan

    – If you know that reaching your weight goal may be challenging and require a longer period of time, this plan is your best value. There is no sign up fee, plus you get one month free.

    Oh, I almost forgot! – We also have a DISCOUNT for you right now.
    when you sign up just use the code: AHDIET10 – it gives you an extra 5% off the price.
    The discount code is valid until the end of so don’t be late.


Focus On Natural

A focus on natural foods, variety, and balance

Nutritionist Amanda Hamilton and her team of nutritionists and chefs have developed a diet program with menus that make it easy to have balanced meals – delightfully varied, satisfyingly portioned, and scrumptiously delicious.

All of her menus are developed to use whole, natural foods. No manufactured or processed diet foods or “low calorie” versions of real food.

  • Whole food supplies the nutrients your body needs to burn calories effectively.
  • With a naturally high-fiber diet, as much as 20% of the calories you take in are not digested.
  • Eating good quality lean protein leaves you feeling fuller longer and less likely to snack.

In addition to meal plans, customized to your specific body needs, they will provide you with:

  • Shopping lists
  • Activity suggestions
  • Free coaching from professionals
  • Motivational and inspirational support from other members in the community

You will also have access to a library of exclusive articles, videos, and blogs from Amanda’s team of experts. (More about that read on the next tab.)

>> Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today <<

Health Advice From Experts

Health Advice From Experts

As a member, you will have access to a large and ever-growing number of articles and reports on understanding and improving your health. They run the gamut from recipes to workouts to health news. Many are written by Amanda and her colleagues; others by experts in their fields. Here is a brief sampling of many available:

  • Controlling Diabetes
  • Living with Coeliac Disease
  • Fig, Nutmeg and Walnut Porridge
  • The Chicken Challenge
  • 15 Tips for Being Active
  • Get More from Your Cuppa
  • Making Healthy Life Easy!
  • The Truth About Energy Drinks
  • Slow Carb, Not Low Carb
  • Magic Chocolate Mousse
  • The Sugar-free Challenge
  • Roasted Herring with Rhubarb, Fennel and Dill
  • Who Wants to Look 10 years Younger?
  • Snackaliciously Healthy!
  • Mother-to-be Bliss
  • Salad Nicoise
  • Wonders Never Cease…It’s Time to Exercise!
  • Tired of Being Tired
  • Olympic-inspired Recipes From Around the World

About is Amanda H.

“Real Women, Real Weight Loss”

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