Diet Pills And Safe Weight Loss
– What You Need To Know

Diet pills are generally neither safe or effective, except in some cases when the “pills” are actually natural weight loss supplements. Other than that, you should steer clear of taking pills in an effort to lose weight.

All drugs are more or less toxic. That’s a scientific fact that doctors don’t like to talk about, but that explains why they all have long lists of side effects. Whether they are prescription diet pills or if you can get them over the counter, it really makes no difference. They are dangerous and you will risk your health if you take them.

You should read the ingredients of anything you take. If it’s not 100% natural (and preferably, organically grown) it is definitely not in your best interest to use it.

The short article does not have room to list all of the known side effects and complications that come from the use of traditional (drug containing) diet pills, but the following list will give you some idea of what you are dealing with.

What are possible side-effects?

The dangers and inconveniences include high blood pressure, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, rectal pain, fecal incontinence (aka anal leakage), anorexia, back pain, headaches, anxiety, rash, acne, anxiety, depression, dizziness and insomnia. Those are in cases where the person was in good health to begin with.


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In cases where the person was not in good health to begin with, certain types of diet pills are known to sometimes lead to stroke, heart palpitations, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, arrhythmias and drug addiction. As if all that were not enough, the truth is that most of them either don’t work at all, or at best, may bring about the loss of one or two pounds a month.

Many diet pills actually have the ultimate end result of bringing about significant weight gain. The pills that are strong enough to shut down your appetite to such a degree that you drastically reduce your caloric intake, will actually cause a major disruption to your metabolism.

Your body has a mind of its own. It’s prime directive is to keep you alive. A sudden severe reduction is calories is your body’s signal that a famine is being experienced. At this point it will shift into starvation mode. In order to help you live off your fat reserves for as long as humanly possible, it will virtually shut down your metabolic fat burning system.

If you lose weight, it will primarily be the vital fat that is needed for good health, as well as muscle, and even some bone matter. Then, when you eventually stop taking the diet pills and begin to consume more calories, your metabolism will continue to run at a snail’s pace, leading you to pack on the pounds like never before.

Is there any healthy solution?

proactol-safe-naturalTo shed pounds in a safe, effective manner, you should not look for some magical diet pills. Eat healthy food, drink purified water and get some daily exercise. Then you can really hit it out of the park by taking a 100% organic and natural weight loss supplement like Proactol Plus, which is made from a type of cactus. It doesn’t take your appetite away, but it works by binding a lot of the fat in your food and passing it out of your body, undigested. It also takes away cravings for those snacks between meals and before bedtime.

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