Drink your way to a better figure with these 4 teas

Tea for weight loss

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Eating the right food – and moderating the amounts taken – can expedite your journey towards sculpting the body you’ve dreamed about. However, drinking certain beverages can help make that journey take place even faster.

While companies have developed special drinks that’ll help folks reach their preferred weight, all-natural tea has proven to be one of the most effective and safest drinks for trimming down. If you’d like to know four of the best teas that’ll help you trim down, kindly move your eyes to paragraphs below.

Peppermint Tea

Upon digestion, the beverage boosts your metabolic rate, thereby helping you burn more calories. A 2009 article published in The New York Times suggests that the weight loss benefit of peppermint tea may be associated with the way it smells. Its scent travels through the nose to the brain. Once it gets there, it begins promoting the release of hormones which suppress appetite.

To prepare this beverage, take a tablespoon of dried leaves, and steep them in boiling water for five minutes. Drain, and add honey if necessary.

Oolong Tea

This semi-fermented tea renders an even greater boost in metabolism than green tea. Oolong is effective in breaking down concentrations of fat and reducing cholesterol. A Chinese study conducted in 1998 studied the effects of this beverage on weight loss with the help of 102 female test subjects. After a span of six weeks, the study’s participants successfully reduced (varying levels) of weight.

To make a cup of oolong at home, steep its leaves in boiling water anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes. For maximum benefits, drink twice daily.

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Star Anise Tea

This spice plant is traditionally used for strengthening the stomach and improving digestion. Today, it’s popularly used for suppressing hunger in dieters. If you’re interested in experiencing its weight loss and other health benefits, simply steep its entire pod in a hot cup of water for approximately 10 minutes. After that, strain the water, and sweeten if desired.

Green Tea

Multiple studies show that EGCG found in green tea speeds up the metabolism of its consumers. Regular consumption of this drink can help you burn an additional 70 calories per day. Moreover, drinking it at least 30 minutes before a meal can help suppress the amounts you eat.

Preparation usually involves steeping its leaves in boiling water anywhere from two to three minutes. After such, strain the water, and serve as is, or with a teaspoon of honey. Sit back, relax and enjoy a nice hot cup of green tea… cheers.

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