Healthy Weight Loss Made Possible

People suffering from being over weight often resort to desperate remedies to lose weight. They just end up losing money without losing their weight. Even if some people do manage to lose their weight by such drastic steps, they again gain weight as soon as they stop taking the pills. This kind of weight loss may at best be termed as unhealthy and harmful as well.

There are several ways that can facilitate a healthy weight loss. You do not need to take costly and addictive drugs. You just need to change your diet pattern and life style. What is most needed is that you should set up a disciplined diet and exercise regime and stick to it with patience, confidence and perseverance.

It is more a matter of common knowledge than a rocket science that eating simple and fresh fruits, vegetables and salads and abstaining from rich fatty foods can go a long way in reducing the unnecessary and harmful weight.

You do not require a deep mathematical knowledge to keep a track of the calories that you take on daily basis and reduce them according to your individual needs. Your body needs certain amount of energy to survive and whenever you eat more than your body needs, it stores the extra energy as fats which appear in form of over weight over the time.

If you, however, you go on very low calorie diet, your body goes on survival mode. It slows down the metabolism, burns less calories and holds on to more fats in order to be survival mode.

To lose weight in a healthy way, you should eat just enough so that you do not get more fat and gain weight. On the other hand, you should not eat so little that your body has to hold on to fats to remain on survival mode.

Simple and Healthy Weight Loss Method

Here is a simple and healthy weight loss method based upon your calculation of calories. If you take 3,500 calories you gain one pound of fat.

Suppose you weigh 200 pounds. You need 2,500 calories a day to maintain your present body weight. Suppose you fix a target of losing one pound every week. So instead of taking 2,500 calories, you should start taking 2,000 calories daily.

Your body will be forced to look for other sources of energy and will have no choice but to burn 500 calories worth of fat every day from the existing stock of fat in your body.

In one week’s time, you will burn 500X7 =3,500 calories, that is to say, one pound every week. That makes 52 pounds in one year.

If you are in a hurry, you may cut down your calorie intake by 1,000 units and you will lose 52 pounds weight in about 6 months.

But remember, you should not over cut the calorie intake so that your body does not have to hold on to its fat and not burn it in order to go into survival mode.

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