Infographic: Learn how to avoid diets pitfalls

It may be hard to stick to diets and lose weight but it definitely will be much easier if you learn how to avoid diets pitfalls. There is a variety of diets available from low carbs to low calorie diet. Vegetarian and low fat diets are also common. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Scroll down the infographic and learn more about healthy and effective weight loss.

How To Lose Weight :: image

Don’t forget to get physical! It is well known that if you want to achieve even better results healthy diet should be combined with physical exercise. The infographic shows how much calories a person can burn while playing basketball, football, rollerblading and walking. If you enjoy aerobes or cycling, that’s great, because you can lose up to 644 calories and 364 accordingly while engaging in these activities.

Explore weight loss infographic and start a journey to a better you!

Infographic courtesy of Nordbariatric clinic

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