Phen375 fat burner and appetite suppressant diet pills

An advanced fat burning weight loss formula

Phen375 is a powerful and safe food supplement with diet program included and is a great choice for people who look for a fast, easy and safe way to lose weight and keep it off.
This advanced pharmacy grade fat burning pill has been proven to burn up to 5 pounds of excess weight every single week. It comes from an FDA certified pharmaceutical lab and is therefore 100% safe and contains only premium grade ingredients.

Phen375 is cutting edge in this industry and your weight loss goals don’t have to be a dream any more.

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Phen375 – The Benefits FOR YOU

      • Reduces Food Cravings!

It is important to understand that the only way to lose weight is through burning more calories than you consume. The biggest reason most dieters fail is due to an inability to control their appetite. Phen’s ingredients help your body to reduce food cravings and stop feeling of food deprivation.

      • Speeds Up Your Metabolism!

Phen375 is scientifically developed to work inside your body to change the way that it burns fat. This means that while taking Phen375, your metabolism is faster causing weight loss to be far greater than dieting without this revolutionary drug.

      • Helps You To Get Rid Of Cellulite!

If you want to fight cellulite, then you must lose fat and tone your muscles at the same time. While most diet plans are actually bad for your muscles, Phen375 diverts energy from fat into muscles and protect yourself from muscle deterioration as you lose weight. Also, Phen375 contains a natural ingredient called Tongkat Ali which is a natural muscle booster. Through building up your muscles and dissolving the fat Phen375 hels you to get rid of cellulite.

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      • Reduces The Body’s Ability To Store Fat – Lose Weight Faster!

The average weight-loss while taking this drug is 3-5 lbs per week! Even without following a diet and exercise routine, Phen375 will be burning calories around the clock.

      • Boost Your Energy Level – Remain Energetic Throughout The Day

Most people lose stamina on a diet due to the cravings that they experience simply because they are denying themselves food. Phen375 drives your body to burn fat cells that provides you with more energy.
When you take Phen375 you can participate Phen375 before-afterin any physical activity and live life to the fullest, without restrictions. You will feel more vibrant and lively throughout the day and your body will need less time for rest.

      • Feel Fit And Healthy, Feel Sexy Again!

This weight-loss tool will also ensure you to wear any clothes that you like and rediscover the passion in your relationship as your partner just can’t his eyes off the slim and sexy new you.

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Powerful Fat Burner and Appetite Suppressant

Phentemine375 or Phen375 is a weight loss pill similar to the original Phentermine drug which, as you may know, was the most powerful appetite suppressant and burning fat drug. However, the side-effects of the original pill were too extreme and dangerous, and it was pulled from pharmacies and permanently banned.

Scientists have spent years to create a formula as effective as the original supplement but with no dangerous side-effects. In 2009 Phen375 was released as a non-prescription, legal and safe alternative to the original drug.

  • Phen375 is 100% Safe

Safe Diet PillsThis is SO important! Your looks are not worth risking your health for.
Because the original formulation of this drug was proven to be dangerous, the new and safe version was developed in a Food and Drug Administration – FDA. This ensures that all safety requirements have been met in a controlled environment. All of the negative side-effects have been eliminated from this new formula, leaving only the benefits of easy weight-loss and high energy levels behind.

Phen375 is made from a mixture of powerful compounds and there is no risk to your health, unless you already have a serious medical condition, like diabetes. With the great results you’ll get from Phen375, there’s no need for you to risk anything.

  • Proven Ingredients

There are five main ingredients in Phen375:

Phen375 fat burner diet pills Ingredients Tongkat AliSmall Asian tree, traditionally used for reduction of fatigue and exhaustion. It also helps with the toning of the skin and muscles, and is beneficial to the immune system.

Phen375 Ingredients capsaicinA natural substance sourced from chili peppers, well known for its weight loss properties. Capsaicin is a proven thermogenic agent that increases your body’s metabolism and burns more calories.

Phen375 Ingredients caffeineBetter known as Caffeine, stimulates the central nervous system, heart rate and respiration. It is effective in appetite suppression, calorie burning and water loss.

Stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and increases blood flow to muscles.

A substance that helps the body turn fat into energy. Also acts as an antioxidant and improves athletic performance.

All of these components have been researched and proven to successfully and safely work together to help achieve maximum weight loss. They are effective even if you are not following a recommended diet and exercise program because they stimulate the metabolic system so completely. This means that even when you do not follow your diet or forget to work out, you will still be losing weight.

>>> Click here to read more about Phen375’s ingredients.

  • So many ‘real people’ reviews

Testimonials come from people who have taken the time to not only tell their story, but also include pictures and videos of their success. This can help you as you compare diet pills, knowing that other people have achieved their goals with this product, and you can actually see the proof. One woman reports losing a total of 55 lbs in six months using Phen375, which appears to be an average result for women who have followed the diet and exercise plan for this length of time.

This guy lost 8lbs in first 8 days and 4 more pounds in next 7 days – without extra effort
=> click the image to see the video:

Phen375 Testimonials ::

Watch this great success story

  • Keep The Weight Off

Phen375 comes with a diet plan that will help you achieve your goal at the fastest rate possible. These diet plans were developed for specific needs and include meal ideas for active and non-active men and women. There is also a plan for cellulite reduction, Phentermine Phentemine Phen 375which many women will appreciate as their weight begins to melt away. Following the diet plan offered by the developers of this product is a great way to start the lifestyle changes needed to ensure that the weight you lose and the health you gain remains permanent.

  • Negative side-effects? Take much of water!

Cleaning out the toxins inside your body will help the metabolic system work efficiently, and this product causes thirst just for that reason. Developers recommend drinking one full glass of pure water every hour to maintain hydration and cleanse toxins from the body when taking this product. Staying hydrated has many benefits that include weight-loss as well as healthy skin, hair and nails.

Negative side effects are few, with the most common being an upset stomach. With that said, this side effect can be easily thwarted by drinking the recommended amount of water clearly stated on the label of the product. Most consumers report having more energy and less hunger within a few hours of taking Phen375, and see amazing results of up to 8 lbs lost in a 7-day period.

  • Guarantees

RDK Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer of Phen375, and they ensure that their product is made out of only the highest quality ingredients available.

They also they offer their clients a 100% Money Back Guarantee as well as a Low Price Guarantee, which means that original Phen375 cannot be purchased anywhere for a lower price.

An important fact to mention is that this company relies on web-based advertisement only, which means no annoying phone calls to avoid! Another advantage to using the website for ordering is that they do not use an “auto-draft” to force customers to commit to buying more of their product. Each time you need a refill of Phen375, you will have to order it.

Click here to see more before/after pictures

  • Safe online ordering

For privacy and security, the manufacturer – RDK Pharmaceuticals recommends that orders be made through officail website, which is securely able to process credit cards and provide shipping information immediately.

Ordering this product is an easy task. Simply go to their website fill your personal information and place an online, secure order.

For those just wanting to try the product before making a large financial committment, they offer a package which includes 30 pills. Packages containing 60 and 90 (+30 free) pills are sold as well, to give the customer the added benefit of being able to buy in bulk at a cheaper rate. It is also important to note that all major credit cards are accepted and that international shipping is a viable option.

  • Our Conclusion

It is a difficult and daunting task to sort through the many diet pills and diet aids currently on the market. Thousands of hours are spent trying to determine whether a drug is truly effective and safe to use. The fact is, there is no miracle medication that will make overweight individuals thin overnight and without lifestyle changes. However, Phen375 can help hasten weight loss, which will encourage you to make the positive changes needed to adjust your lifestyle at a pace that is achievable.
Phen375 is cutting edge in this industry and your weight loss goals don’t have to be a dream any more. Countless individuals reported great results using this product and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be one of them too.

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Phen375 Prices

The starting price of Phen375 is about $69 (£46) for a 30-pills package. The cost varies with the number of bottles purchased, with great discounts for larger orders.

Buying the 90+30 package (4-months supply) reduces the cost to just $57 per box (£37)!

Here are the current prices:

Phen375 buy

WARNING: If you find lower prices anywhere on the internet or in stores, or if somebody is offering a free trial package of Phen375, they are probably offering the fake pills which could be dangerous for your health. The only place where you can purchase the safe and original Phentemine375 (Phen375) at lowest possible prices is their official website.


Phen375 Discount

Unfortunatelly, there are not special discount coupon codes available at the moment and and if you order one or two bottles at a time, than you’ll have to pay the full price.

Now, the good news is that if you order its best value pack (3 bottles of Phen375) this week through the official website, you’ll get one bottle absolutely FREE.
This is a new, time limited offer and the best offer available for Phen375 right now. We recommend you to grab it before it expires.

Phen375 supplement buy 90 pills

Second Purchase Rebates -Spare $20-$40

These rabate codes work for existing customers only. They can be used only once on any order larger than a single bottle.
If you have previously ordered, log into your account and type in the rebate code (do not use the copy paste function).
The codes are:

  • mfgr_rebate_20 – $20 – order value must be more than $80
  • mfgr_rebate_40 – $40 instant rebate on any item over $140 in value

More information and terms of use you can read on official manufacturer’s webpage.

Phen375 rebate
Offer valid for returning customers only



With every order of Phen375 you get a private members area access on their website. There you will find five different Phen375 diet plans available for download free of charge to anyone that is looking to learn how to lose weight successfully. Here are the Phen375 diet plans:

  • Female Diet Plan for the non-active individual
  • Female Diet Plan for the active individual
  • Male Diet Plan for the non-active individual
  • Male Diet Plan for the active individual
  • Vegetarian Diet Plan for the vegetarian

Additionaly, you can also download for free:

  • Phen375 Cellulite Banishing Plan
  • Fat Burner Quick Start Guide
  • Phen375 diet recommended for people who are on the go
  • Fast-burn diet recommended for people who are at home and can adhere to the diet’s special requirements

Each of diet plan outlines breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, dinner and a before bed snack every day for four weeks. The Phen375 diet plan states that you should never replace a lunch meal with a dinner meal, but if you don’t like a particular meal, simply replace it with one from the same mealtime (lunch for lunch, dinner for dinner).

The Phen375 diet plan outlines meals for five different weight categories. Simply weigh yourself, find your category on your plan, and follow that particular plan each day of the week for the next four years (and thereafter).

Dosage & Precautions

Phen375 Dosage

phen dosage

Always inspect the product package

Recommended dosage is 2 tablets a day:
– first tablet 20 minutes before breakfast
– second tablet 20 minutes before eating lunch.

Always take the Phen375 pill with a full glass of water.

Do not take it in the late afternoon or evening.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Only one tablet should be taken at a time. Even if you missed a dose, do not double up the next dose.


Phen375 precautions:

There are a few things that you should know before you start using this product.

Phen375 works for all adults between 16 and 90 years. But do not use it if you are pregnant, nursing, high blood pressure, heart conditions, diabetes, any cardiovascular disorder, hypertension or if you are taking antidepressants. If you suffer from any major health issue, it is best to consult your doctor before starting the use of Phen375.

Do not use if seal is broken, damaged or missing.
Read the entire label before use and carefully follow the label directions for use.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Keep this and other medication out of the reach of children.


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