The Best Weight Loss Motivation

Motivation is an essential prerequisite to do any work successfully. Strong motivation keeps a person going despite numerous difficulties. Every individual has a unique perspective on his weight loss problem. This perspective determines the kind of motivation that can goad him to eliminate those extra pounds.

For example, a retired old person may desire to lose weight because obesity generates a host of health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, cardiac complications and so on.

On the contrary young persons, who may not as yet be suffering from any such disease, may be motivated by a desire to look beautiful, smart in their circle of friends and colleagues. Most fat persons become the objects of ridicule among their friends and classmates.

If you are a young person, you are more likely to feel embarrassed by the surprised looks or even subtle remarks of your friends and class fellows. You feel reluctant to shop for your shoes and clothes. You always tend to wear large baggy clothes to hide your actual physical proportions. You try to confine yourself within the four walls of your house and keep ruminating on your weight loss problem all the time. You have a long life to live. What will happen to your looks, health, education, career and relationships in love or marriage if your physical growth continues at its present pace?

All these factors may, cumulatively, become a driving force behind your weight loss motivation. As a young person, you feel an urge to enjoy the company of your friends, participate in games and sports, go for picnics and outings or build your career for a bright future. Your obesity, however, proves to be an obstruction in the realization of your dreams.

You always visualize yourself looking slim, smart, and dynamic with a picture perfect figure like the one you saw the other day in a magazine or a movie show. This dream can propel you to leave your bed in the early hours of the morning and rush for a work out in the gymnasium.

You try to control your urge for spicy, fatty dishes, chocolaty coffees and ice-creams or fuzzy colas. You keep a constant watch over the number of calories you consume and try to reduce them gradually. You explore other options such as taking nutritional supplements to recoup the loss of energy by cutting on your routine diet.

It is natural for every human to feel tired when the expectant results sometimes do not show up as fast as you wish them. The best course in such situations is to reinvigorate your lagging motivation by looking at the pictures of smart and beautiful men and women of your age. You too will look like them with a little more patience and perseverance in your efforts. You too can become an envy of your peers in school and neighbourhood.

This kind of thinking can, once again, recharge your weight loss motivation.

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